Monday, June 14, 2010

Giving the IndieVida a rest, Moving on to a Cloud in my Coffee

Well, this is it. The beginning of a new era. This crafty, earth loving, Nova watching, star trek following and thrift store wearing girl has gone digital. My name is Ashley, meaning "from the ash tree"  which I guess could be fitting, as  I am sappy at times, get myself into sticky situations and have been described as an absolute "tree hugger". In any case, the sixth most popular name for girls doesn't do me justice....average, I am not.  But wheres the fun in being average anyway? I grew up a farm girl, moved to the city and never looked back... until I was ripped from my beloved city and thrown into a world unlike anything I would have been prepared for. Ohio? Really?!  So whats a girl to do but stir up a little bit of trouble? So.. Here I will be documenting my somewhat A.D.H.D ramblings. Make sure to watch out for my crafts, and random posts to come. This blog boasts a new name, and a new, exciting, sometimes uncertain future.
This should be interesting...

Monday, June 7, 2010

Death Shark, Protector of the Night Shark

I recently renamed my dog.

The three pound warrior poodle who was once named  Amy, has traded her sissy, middle america name for something a little more fitting for her three pound poodle frame. The new name for my beast of a guard dog being...
Amy was a name that implied pink sweaters and bows that would make a full grown pit bull quiver with fear. A dog who attacks the heels of any full sized human, who threatens impending doom, who can breakdance and play dead like a hoodlum from a 1980s sitcom, is a dog who could have only one name. She could defeat any squirrel that enters our yard [if by defeat you mean chases it away before it attacks her] Not to mention dragons and stray plastic bags.
I think Deathshark is much more fitting. 
She responded to the name the moment it was awarded to her...that says it all.
Once a beast always a beast. 
I opened my mouth to tell her how tough she was....
She already knew. I have a feeling she's known all along.

Past in Present

This is one of my first blogposts in 2009. I think I was onto something...

Today I realized that I do not belong here. This small Ohio city is too small for me. The humidity is nothing more than the sky closing in on me, relinquishing my ability to breathe, wear stylish jeans, and find my sanity. I couldn't be any less like a square peg in a round hole here. Social norms are...well, the norm here... and back on the other side of the states where i resided every year of my young life, defying the ordinary and the shock and awe factor were my friend. I need to be somewhere that dries my tears [ a desert, maybe?] not somewhere that dampens them. 

Where is that place? Honestly, I have no idea. Its not that I don't know WHO I am, I am an artist, a chef, a sister, a student, a collector, an animal lover, a borderline vegetarian, a music lover, a musician, a traveller, and an outcast. I am no different than most people out there. Just trying to make my way, and finding where I fit in, in this big ol' world. So just as Abraham Lincoln once said, "The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time." So until I find that place, ill be scrawling down the random and sometimes rudimentary thoughts taking me to it. 
So here's a nod to the past and a salute to the future,

It took a bit of time, but I know where I'm going now, just as I had assumed. My room is still lined with boxes ready for departure. But this time I will be taking on the dorms. So begins my adventure to the west. Home again, at last.

Through a Kitchen Window

This is a post from a couple of years ago. I was happily working in the kitchen of a convent. It was a delightful job, and this sort of takes me back to that. Since then, I've quit working in preparation for the move out west and have begun to consolidate my old blog onto this one. :] enjoy!

So.. Today I went to work at six thirty... A.M, meaning in the morning for those of you who need further clarification. While most people were waking up out of a coma, I was watching the morning unfold from behind a kitchen window. Contrary to my belief prior to today, morning shift kicks a lot of arse. Serving delicious meals to old [gracefully aged] ladies is substantially cooler in the morning, more so than at any other time of the day. There was not a single thing that could've made my day better. [not including large quantities of money, fame or butter pecan ice cream.]  

Being the first into the kitchen has an odd and calming effect on a person. Maybe it's the oven whirring, or the coffee's 'drip, drip'. I can only describe it as being assigned the privilege of cleaning the slate in the front of the classroom, and clapping out the erasers before life's tasks dirty it once again. You may not look forward to it at first, but you secretly love watching the remnants of past words and symbols fly away into the playground air, making room for a new day. 

There is nothing like brewing a fresh pot of coffee [ or three] while watching the dew drip from the awakening trees, or while watching mother nature slowly open her eyes to the day ahead. unfortunately I think a large portion of this awe and wonder was caused by my sudden 'cease in fire' shall we say, against my addiction to caffeine. Just when i had kicked the coffee.... i started firing again. And when i say "firing" i mean that my brain probably went into a frenzy sending neurons into motion, creating the awe and amazement of everything that came my way. Regardless of whatever caused it, I like it....i REALLY like it,And if it takes large quantities of caffeine and waking up a few hours earlier than the average 20 something... i am willing. Sign me up for that, I dont even need to read the fine print.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Shins, stealing my heart as usual

So lately, I have been on a MAJOR shins kick. I mean, this is not your average, buy every track on itunes binge. I've always loved the shins' organic sound and their knack for creating the perfect harmonies and quirky vocals. As a writer, I totally worship their lyrical structures and the profundity in each song. Lets just say that my vinyl collection has grown quite a bit in the last couple of weeks.                                       

I would quite honestly give up the lot of it though for the chance to see one of my favorite bands live. I recall a year or so ago when my beautiful baby sister called me from upstate New York with an excited tone in her voice..

"I'm going to see the Shins tonight!" she said...
and then I died. . . really. I was beyond jealousy.
One day I will see them, I suppose.

For now, here is a video that sets my heart aflutter. gorgeous song, great harmonies fantastic and intriguing video. The orchestral arrangement totally indulges my inner orchestra nerd.

"Since I dont have the time nor mind to figure out, The nursery rhymes that helped us out and make a sense of our lives. The cruel uneventful state of apathy releases me I value them but I won't cry if the time was wiped out"

I'm no Edgar Allen Poe..but

I recently took a creative writing class, which I loved. Here's a little tidbit from my poetry Unit. 

A Season’s Transitory 

Like a scaffold,
it stands
scarred and worn by years of wind
of weather swaying its limbs

covered by its innocent victims
green scattered branch to branch
they hang
until they fade, fall, and die
brilliant leaves
now fallen, swirling in the autumn wind
a remnant of a season put to rest

Monday, April 19, 2010

My life, in boxes

It feels like I've been waiting for five years to get back to the place that never stopped being home to me. It has been two and a half. Two and a half of the longest, yet quickest years to pass me by. Moving from West coast to East coast felt like having my feet pulled out from under me. My knees were scraped, and my heart was bruised, but it was a time of renewal, of healing and self exploration. I've always thought of myself as a west coast person, growing up in Montana and Nevada, surrounded by mountains and grassy plains. Moving to Ohio was different, and foreign. I still feel that way here, I suppose. Eyes wide open, humidity clinging to my every pore, and a foreigner to my surroundings.

As of now, my life is divided into six boxes, with more to come, surely. Six boxes filled with cups and plates and forks, with inspiration and buckets of hope. I've moved before, from town to town, but this time it's my choice. This time, it is the right time. This time, I'm going home. Wherever that may end up being.

I always imagined that I would move away from home much sooner than I did. Living with my parents during my first two years of college were never in the plans, but then again plans were never my forte...until now. Now they are my best friend, and my tour guide on a new adventure.